Andres: retail performance artist

Performance Art in the Dressing Room
Performance Art in the Dressing Room

Retail Performance Art: Spontaneous, live retail commentary

Andres seemed to vanish from the store. His mother, an experienced shopper, saw his shoes under the dressing room door.


Doug Engelbart 85th birthday is January 30

Happy birthday Douglas Engelbart.

We hosted a glorious 85th birthday celebration at The Tech Museum in San Jose.
We provided a white limo for Doug and Karen Engelbart


Where a few hundred of Doug’s friends and family greeted him. Like George Bailey, (reference to the film “It’s a Wonderful Life”) Doug Engelbart may just be the richest man in town.
(Photo courtesy of Dustin Jensen)

People came from near and far, young and old, to celebrate an honor this prophetic thinker.

Including Egyptian inventor Cherif Algreatly and special guest philanthropist Ihab Elsamannoudi who flew in from Dubai to attend the event. (Photo by Dustin Jensen shown from left to right: Cherif Algreatly, Douglas Engelbart, Karen Engelbart, Ihab, Basil Elway, Valerie Landau)

A good time was had by all


Blanca Gonzalez and the Amazing Dandara share birthday greetings with Doug.
(Photo courtesy of courtesy of Blue Oxen Associates and photographer Eugene Chan )
Steve Wozniak and Engelbart enjoyed the 85th birthday confetti. (Photo by Dustin Jensen)

The Tech Museum provided Douglas Engelbart, Steve Wozniak, and Bill English the opportunity to pose on the set of the Star Trek exhibit. If only these three were at the helm of Spaceship Earth.
(Photo directed by Eugene Kim and posted courtesy of Blue Oxen Associates and photographer Eugene Chan )

Guests enjoyed music and dancing, cake, and champagne,
but most of all we enjoyed coming together to celebrate the life of one of the greatest thinkers of the 20th Century.

Ted Nelson, Joy Tang, Professor Brian Fisher, and Eileen Clegg joined us via video to pass on birthday greetings from afar. Nicole Landau videotaped the event

The Engelbart History mural and book “The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart” by Valerie Landau and Eileen Clegg in conversation with Douglas Engelbart on display
(Photo courtesy of Blue Oxen Associates and photographer Eugene Chan )

Engelbart’s children and grandchildren came to honor him.


The Tech Museum hosted the party with help from generous sponsors

Fenwick and West
Valley Zen
NextNow Collaboratory and NextPress
NextNow Network founder, Bill Daul, and NextNow Collaboratory founder, Claudia Welss, with Jahn Ballard
Blue Oxen Associates


Charles Irby

And anonymous donors

Special thanks to my family and friends who volunteered in to make the event an tremendous success despite the shoestring budget
Nina Serrano
Laura Star Malone
Blanca Gonzalez
The Amazing Dandara

(Evan Schaffer, The Amazing Dandara, Valerie Landau, and Professor Alma Cervantes)

Camilo Landau, who learned to play the accordion to honor Doug with a Hambo (see his comment below)
Rock Star Engineer and Musician’s own Eric Matsuno with Instructional Designer Angelica Matsuno and Web Developer Matt Gates
Nicole Landau
Photographer Dustin Jensen
Molly McGee
Inventor Cherif Algreatly
Basil Elway
Karen Engelbart

AND The wonderful staff at The Tech Museum: Roqua Montez, Robert Stephenson and Robert Ketner who facilitated video greetings from around the world.

videoconferencing of happy birthday
The video greetings reminded us of how Engelbart
Bob Ketner
Bob Ketner and The Tech Museum bring in video greetings from afar.
Guests as Doug Engelbart's birthday celebration
Guests as Doug Engelbart's birthday celebration


Download the pdf of “The Engelbart Hypothesis: Dialogs with Douglas Engelbart” by Valerie Landau and Eileen Clegg in Conversation with Douglas Engelbart $5 via paypal
or read it online on the blog Engelbartbookdialogues

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Fancy Food Show

I attended the Fancy Food Show with three gal pals:

Foodie extaodinaire, Susan Gibbs, Betsty Burroughs, Claudia Brenner

Foodie extaodinaire, Susan Gibbs, Betsty Burroughs, Claudia Brenner

I over heard a distributor say his biggest seller is bottled water.

These guys were selling water infused with peppermint oil (my daughter, Mali McGee, has convinced me of the perils and damage caused by plastic water bottles) so I will not buy the product, I will try the idea because the water infused with mint oil was refreshing and delicious and helped settle my tummy.


The other innovation at the Fancy Food Show was the coffee berry juice, when mixed with other fruit juices, you get nature juice with all the caffeine of coffee. The salesmen said each 8 ounce serving of coffee berry juice cocktail has more caffeine than a cup of green tea.

Lot’s of pretty packaging

Red olives
Red Olives

and some great olives.

My personal favorite was the Israeli sheep cheeses, a creamy Chevre, and a light mild, delightful Feta.

Pentimento: Bags made of bags

Wallet made by Valerie Landau from melting plastic bags

I’ve been making bags made by recycling plastic bags I collect from recycling bins.  They have been amazingly popular among college students but much to my surprise my bags are being snatched up by  senior citizens. Here is a wallet that Carolyn is using now.

Wallet made by Valerie Landau
Wallet made by Valerie Landau

Douglas Engelbart admiring one of my Pentimento bags

Doug Enegelbart with Valerie Landau's Pentimento bag

Cuban Poet visits Anthony Holdsworth’s studio

The Landau's and Serranos with Cuban poet Pablo Armando Fernandez
The Landau's and Serranos with Cuban poet Pablo Armando Fernandez

Mario Landau, Mali McGee, Greg Landau, Nina Serrano, Andres Landau, Beryl Landau, Anthony Holdsworth, Pablo Armando Fernandez, Phil Serrano, Christina Velasco, Valerie Landau (right to left)

We took our dear friend, Cuban Poet, Pablo Armando Fernandez, to visit Anthony Holdsworth’s open studio.