The 1968 chorded keyset-revived

Preserving the past to preserve the future

What a perfect day…Rob Stephenson (curator at The Tech Museum) and I met at the Ferry building in SF. While sitting by the dock of the Bay, Rob showed me the new adapter he built for chorded keyset Doug Engelbart gave me to play with.¬† Now Engelbart’s keysets from the 1960-70 work with any computer via USB.

Rob Stephenson, the greatest guy in town
Adapted for Engelbarts Chorded Keyset
Adapter for Engelbarts Chorded Keyset made by Rob Stephenson

Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glenn Beck?

Can this poodle wearing a tinfoil hat get more fans than Glenn Beck? Facebook Fan Page

This facebook campaign really caught my attention, (and the attention of another 197,773 people) but I wonder, how we harness this mass frustration against Glenn Beck and convert it into a social/political movement towards change?

Or is knowing we are not alone in our opinions a viable first step?

Protect your passport

New passports have an RFID chip with your personal information. Any hacker worth his/her salt can get this information from up to 30 feet away.

In my spare time, I make these beautiful bags made from nanosilver to help protect you from having your identity stolen when you travel.

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

I am selling them on Etsy

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

and through Figleaf Technologies keying, chording, typing

The iPhone App, TipTapSpeech, just launched.  It’s based on a Doug Engelbart invention. Available at  iTunes store for $4.99.

One of the things that Doug Engelbart invented in the ’60s (along with the mouse and just about everything else about personal computing) was the “chorded keyset.”  His idea was you had the mouse in one hand and the chorded keyset in the other.  With the chorded keyset you could type any of the characters on a keyboard, using a combination of finger taps (think a “court recorder” type approach.) just launched it as an iPhone app!  It’s called TipTap Speech.  With it’s ONLY FIVE KEYS you can tap out any text with just one hand–and without looking.  And it converts to speech at the same time.

On top of all that, while Tip Tap Speech is for English text, it has already been configured for Hindi, Urdu, and Russian with more to come.  If you have any questions, contact me.

Andres Landau, my nephew, took this video of himself typing his name with TipTapSpeech with the built in camera on the laptop, while I was on the phone.

Doug Engelbart explains how it works.

Engelbart’s birthday wish about to come true

After Engelbart’s 81st birthday,

Valerie Landau and Doug Engelbart
Doug and I at his 81st birthday celebration at Stanford

I asked Engelbart which one of his ideas he wanted to see implemented in the near future. He said he would like the notion of chorded texting to take off. So for the past few years I’ve been working (on a volunteer basis) with some amazing people: Evan Schaffer, Rob Stephenson, Eric Matsuno to bring this to the marketplace.

TipTapLogo icon
TipTapSpeech Logo

We now have an iPhone App The Engelbartian chorded typing app: TipTapSpeech

Brief summary of the courses I taught on Applied Engelbart at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Class of Engelbart Scholars
Engelbart Scholars pose for the camera

Great Adaptations Blog creating TipTapSpeech Community

Blogger Suzanna Stinnett’s launched a user community space for our new iPhone¬† TipTapSpeech on her blog GreatAdaptations. TipTapSpeech is a BETA implementation of Engelbart’s idea of typing by using “chords” or multiple keys simultaneously rather than typing each letter with one key. I hope you will join in the discussion.

Why are we laboring in this guy’s vinyard?- Facebook owned by Murdock

Bruce Sterling interview

Turns out that Bruce Sterling quote is only a metaphor, really it’s MySpace that is owned by Murdock.

Fascinating. He equates the US to the Soviet Union in 1981-with a broken social contract… “Trapped between a collapsing previous order and an extremely unsettled…new order.”

…Knowing that our societies have become provisional…
“The Balkans is where empires go to die.
Q: “But you twitter”
A: “I am a big fan of watching the parade there.”
Sent to me by Joy Tang

Info graphics meets fine art

Brilliant New York artist Mahmoud Hamadani breaks new ground in merging fine art with information design

Artwork by Mahmoud Hamadani
2005 Military Spending - U.S. vs. Axis of Evil; 2005; Upholstered Silk on Wood Panel, Wood
Mahmoud Hamidani
Brilliant mind- great artist- and wow - Mahmoud Hamidani

I am going to visit Mahmoud in his studio in Times Square on my way to Campus 2015 in Trinidad.