Things I learned in 2nd Grade

I went to an extraordinary elementary school, at an extraordinary time. Presidio Hill School in San Francisco during the 1960 was directed by Katherine Fromer, who was also my second grade teacher.

Things I Learned in 2nd Grade from Katherine Fromer and still practice

1. Plant and grow food from a seed.

2. Make things from the natural elements.

3. Weave baskets, beads and threads

4. Identify plants by looking at their leaves.

5. Forage for food.

6. Read for pleasure and knowledge

7. Look to native American writings for spiritual growth.

8. “There are many paths up the mountain.” Sequoyah

9. Be kind and patient to those who act out. They are merely crying out for attention.

11. When you can’t pay attention, rest and play.

12. Dance is a form of celebration.