The 1968 chorded keyset-revived

Preserving the past to preserve the future

What a perfect day…Rob Stephenson (curator at The Tech Museum) and I met at the Ferry building in SF. While sitting by the dock of the Bay, Rob showed me the new adapter he built for chorded keyset Doug Engelbart gave me to play with.  Now Engelbart’s keysets from the 1960-70 work with any computer via USB.

Rob Stephenson, the greatest guy in town
Adapted for Engelbarts Chorded Keyset
Adapter for Engelbarts Chorded Keyset made by Rob Stephenson

2 thoughts on “The 1968 chorded keyset-revived

  1. Yeah! although I’d rather short buttons under a shield & using Bluetooth so I can operate my little devices while it’s in a pocket. (Then a similar touchpad for the other pocket & a headmounted display.)

    And a jet pack, laser cannons, invisibility & inaudibility but that’s so obvious it goes without saying.

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