Silvio Rodriguez in Oakland and the crowd goes wild

Silvio Rodriguez and his ban LIVE in concert in Oakland

The Silvio Rodriguez concert at the Oakland Paramount was a historic event —

The crowd went wild

The packed auditorium vibrated with syncopated applause and spontaneous shout of joy, no ecstasy …que no es lo mismo pero es igual.

The folks on the balcony came complete with flags of Cuba and el Che — and only a heart made of stone was unmoved when in the middle of “unicornio” some one shouted out “que viva Roque Dalton.”

Fans taking photos of the poster outside the theater
Silvio Rodgriguez fans taking photos of the poster outside the theater in Oakland

The performance was flawless and the music superb — his band was amazing and the young female flutist and clarinet player was deeply moving. The crowd went wild and demanded not one, not two, not three, not four BUT FIVE encores. The stamped and clapped and chanted and the human energy, excitement and vibration literally rocked the Paramount.

It was a thrilling night in Oakland, and leaving the theater hundreds of adoring fans waited by the stage door for one glance and hopes of an autograph. The concert left the audience full of joy and energy — music might be our only hope to heal the world.

As Silvio was leaving the building to get into his car, two young girls were running down the middle of the street in downtown Oakland yelling, “Te quiero Silvio”…