Planning a trip to Cuba

Ready for a trip to Cuba in June? I can help you get you a legal visa IF you are professional AND this itinerary will help you with research in your career.

See the itinerary

I decided to organize a delegation to Cuba to research sustainability and technology practices:

Why: because Cuba has adopted many innovative practices in the areas of organic farming, urban farming, and biodiversity AND they have a unique perspective towards innovation and technology.


I have traveled to Cuba many times and have deep ties and am fluent in both English and Spanish and for years friends and colleagues have asked me to guide them….SO, now is the time…I hope you can join in.

Sustainability and Technology research delegation–June 20-30, 2010

Visit Havana and meet with city officials, visit sustainable urban farms, and farmer’s markets.

farmer's market's
Mango from an organic mango farm

Tour Havana’s UNESCO World Heritage sites


and meet with artists (TV, film, performing arts, painters)

Havana Street Musicians
Musicians playing on the stoop in Havana
Central Havana
We will have a walking tour of Havanaand meet with the urban farmers

We will then head off in a tour bus to the UNESCO HERITAGE SITE of the city of Trinidad where we will meet with city officials to discuss  how they balance tourism and preservation.
Trinidad, cuba
Trinidad, Cuba.

Then on to Topes de Collantes (hot springs and wild life preserve- one of the largest international effort to preserve bio diversity)

Topes de Collantes wildlife preserve dedicated to research and preservation of biodiversity

Then on to visit coastal towns to see how they managed to sustain industry (rum factory)

Havana Club rum distillery in Santa Cruz del Norte
Havana Club rum distillery in Santa Cruz del Norte

and preserve and improve the coastal areas.

Jibacoa coastal village
Santa Cruz del Norte
Costline preservation in Santa Cruz del NorteVisit rural computer clubs.

Back to Havana- and visit the University of Information Tech (site of the former Soviet Missile Base)

Oscar Niemeyer Scuplture celebrates “From Swords to Plowshares” at the University of Information Technology on the former missile base


AIR: $369 Roundtrip Miami/Havana/Miami (tentative: cost has not yet been set and authorized for June

VISA: $50 per person

$1,500 per person in a double room

$1,700 per person in a single room


Program as attached including bus transportation, bi-lingual guide and site visits and meetings

5 nights at the Hotel Victoria with breakfast daily

3 nights at Topes de Collantes with two meals per day in the Escambray mountains

2 nights at Villa Tropico at Jibacoa with all meals included

2 additional lunches as described in the program

Health insurance in Cuba

Not included:

Cuban departure tax – approximately $30 USD paid at departure from Cuba

Other meals not listed


Feel free to email me with questions


TipTapSpeech now for the iPhone and IPad

TipTapSpeech, now for the iPad, makes old things new.

In 1968 Douglas Engelbart and Bill English headed a team at SRI that deputed the worlds first mouse and chorded keyset….

Keyboard, chorded keyset, mouse
Keyboard, chorded keyset, mouse 1968

in what is known as “The Mother of All Demos”

Bill English at SRI during the 1968 Demo

And now, the chorded keyset in it’s newest incantation.

The original Engelbart keyset working with the iPad

This is a brainchild of our TipTap Group– who also brought you other where old meets new products such as the iphone app TipTapSpeech

TipTapSpeech Now available for the iPad and iPhone on iTunes


How it works:

The movable buttons on the screen have a numerical value:

1, 2, 4, 8, 16

By pressing them simultaneously the numbers are added together.

1 = a

2 = b

1 + 2  = c

4 = d

4+1 = e

Simply type in the words—SWIPE the middle key down…and it speaks your words…using text-to-speech. Here is a video of my nephew Andres typing his name.

TipTapSpeech Now available for the iPad and iPhone on iTunes