“Ears are made not for hearing, but for listening.” Julian Treasure says in his TED Talk

Notes from Julian Treasure’s TED talk:

  • Reductive listening for: listening for—-Reduces everything relevant, and discards everything else
    This is what men do most of the time–he suggests that men practice expansive listening to transform their relationships
  • Expansive listening, its’ listening with not listening for—Just enjoying the journey
    This is what women often do

One definition of health can be “your body is vibrating in perfect harmony.

The cost of compressed music and bad headphones is exhaustion, because your mind has to fill in the missing songs.

Buy the best headphones you can afford. 60% of College Freshmen tested in one study have hearing loss due to headphone abuse.

Sound design is the future.

Sound is healing:

  • Sound such as ultrasound
  • sound therapy
  • listening to music–made with good intention and made with love.
  • listen to nature
  • enjoy silence
  • make your own music

Avoid “scitsophonia” = a disconnect between what you see and what you hear.

From Julian Treasure book

Sound can change people’s behavior in almost any commercial environment, including offices, shops, showrooms, advertising, the internet, hotels, bars and restaurants. Research shows that appropriate sound can increase retail sales by over 30 per cent and triple productivity for some workers.


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