Cuban Cowbows, Carne Cruda, and Bahia a Bahia

A mother’s review:

Last night my son, Camilo Landau, produced and performed an epic event: Oakland’s Tight: CD Release Party

Oakland's Tight CD Release Party

The show opened with the irreverent Cuban Cowbow (backed up by the Cuban Cowboys) singing about the unmentionable things, like his sister’s date, Fidel’s recent fashion faux pax (track suit and plaid shirt), and his father’s drunken debauchery.

The funky beat, syncopated rhythms, and rockin guitar solos create a postmodern mood of disperate elements combined in new ways. The Cuban Cowboy’s lyrics and haunting vocals ask the audience to engage in critical thinking while the music asks us to free our mind and just feel the music and dance.

The crowd was all revved up and ready to party when Carne Cruda, the post-Latin band, took the stage, in matching jumpsuits and neon hard hats and rocked the house with their original tunes that cross cultural boundaries fusion fun, whimsy and musical mastery. The band added choreography and theater taking the Motown stylo of dancing musicians to a whole new level.

Carne Cruda: post-Latin band

When they played “Pancho Cachondo”, a song about Mexican Wrestling (Lucha Libre) they enacted a wrestling scene while playing instruments, and Trombonist Luke Curley concurs lead guitarist (aka #1 son) and removes his mask–while playing a guitar solo…Luke holds the mask triumphantly on a stool nearby to show his superior wrestling chops…but Camilo is clearly the winner in his ability to act, wrestle and play a solo at the same time.

The song “Pancho Cachondo” is the sound tract for a film about Mexican Wrestling and featured in this music video

The night ended with Bahia a Bahia featuring the Amazing Dandara, a Brazilian bombshell who’s talent has got to be seen to be believed. “I was born to do this.” said Dandara, as she shakes parts of the body I never even knew existed, and engages the crowd to dance together.

Video of Bahia a Bahia at Carnival in San Diego Video by Nicole Landau

The club was packed full with local celebrities peppering the audience including New York’s up and coming Latino comedian Bill Santiago, and a host of Bay Area musicians.

The best part for me was so many of my old friends came out to support, Felipe Paz, Camilo’s first grade teacher, who sang a decima  he wrote for the occasion, Robin Woodland, who played in a band with my brother, Greg Landau, when they were 12 years old and had such a profound effect on Camilo’s life, and my good friend from College, Connie Cummings (she brought her family and friends) and so many new friends like Professor Alma Cervantes, Marilenis, and Anna.  Many generations of our family attended (artists: Beryl Landau and Anthony Holdsworth, Elizabeth Serrano and Isabella Serrano, my dad author and filmmaker, Saul Landau, and videographer Nicole Landau) and there were many thanks and deep appreciation for my brother, Super Producer, Greg Landau, who has mentored Camilo since he was a just a small boy. And of course my mother, Nina, who at 75,  out-danced just about everyone.

All in was a night I will always remember. Thank you, Camilo, for bringing the community so much joy.

And BTW…I hope all you readers buy the CD on iTunes

Oakland's Tight CD by Carne Cruda

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