Valerie’s Black Bean Recipe

For Sylvia Frain…a bon voyage recipe

Cooking beans:

If you are looking for economy buying dried beans is the best way to go. However, if you are looking for simplicity then buying a can of cooked beans taste just as good. I buy the gallon of cooked beans at  Beverages and More, BevMo, if I’m cooking for a party.

I cook dried beans by washing the beans and picking out the broken ones, then I either soak them overnight, or put them in crock pot and let them cook overnight on low.

Once they are cooked, I drain them and rinse them to get rid of the white sudsy stuff on top, which, my friend Carolyn Sabin says, causes gas. Then I add more water and continue cooking to get more flavored black bean sauce/soup.

Then, in a frying pan, I sauté

  • 1-2 onion (the more the better)
  • 5-15 cloves garlic
  • Optional: green peper/tomato/

Then I add the beans and tons of cummin and about 1/5 cup of red wine or a tablespoon of balsamic vinager.

I may add a half cup of tomato sauce or V8 if I have it around.

Salt to taste.

Options: also oregano and basil

Cook for ten minutes on low.

If I have only a few guests, once the beans and onions are mixed and cooked I will crack a few eggs and poach them in the simmering beans and cover, until the eggs are gently cooked.

Then I serve with Ezekiel bread toasted and a side of plain yogurt.


2 thoughts on “Valerie’s Black Bean Recipe

  1. Hi Valerie,
    Thanks for the recipe, but aren’t you going to post about the Cuba trip??? BTW, I was at the Silvio concert also and appreciated your post on that!
    Take care,

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