Innovation requires respect- Top 10 ingredients for innovative teams

and 2 Rules for innovation management

To feel good most humans need:
– to be considered
– to be recognized for their contribution
– to be rewarded in often
– to feel like members of the community

What people hate:
– to be disrespected
– to have less qualified/deserving people rewarded
– to be told what and how to do things by people with less knowledge/ability
– to be isolated

Ingredients for creativity and innovation:
– both internal (I enjoy doing this) and external (I am rewarded for doing this) rewards
– acknowledgment that all contributions are important (from carrying out the trash to coming up the big idea)

Key rules for innovation management
(1) to provide meaningful and lucrative work for all those who work with the company;
(2) to provide meaningful educational experiences for the end user.

Although there is a hierarchical structure and project leads have the final say but all team member’s ideas must be considered.

Bob Kern added:

Trust. People need to be able to trust the people they work with. They need to feel trusted. They hate being distrusted, or feeling they can’t trust someone.

Trust and respect aren’t unrelated. If one fails, the other will follow.


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