Program for the Future Notes from the Lunatic Fringe

Ten Top Take-a-ways from The Program for the Future
The Program for the Future met March 3, 2010 for a CoLABoration.

Note: The tables at CoLAB had various affinity groups — education, government, health care, communications, business, technology — I asked to label a table “lunatic fringe.” Eileen Clegg describes it “as a popular if amorphous concept, and another table with the same name popped up. The focus turned out to be people doing leading edge work, often as sole proprietors or small businesses — thinking differently about traditional organizational assumptions.”

The group engaged in a BRAINSTORMING activity about what was necessary to augment Collective IQ through collaboration.
Valerie’s Top Ten Questions for Innovation:

10. How do we orchestrate “Constructive Cacophony?” Taking a whole bunch of mismatched ideas and making them work together.

9. How can we separate message from the messenger so good ideas are taken seriously no matter who thought of them?

8. How do we create structures to include “people on the lunatic fringe” who love change but are usually so often rock the boat they they are thrown overboard?

7, How do we communicate that Architecture is important?

6. What can we learn about power sharing, structures and collaboration from old earth practices?

5. How do we keep a repository where we can tag and find “Reusable Ideas”?

4. How can we make World Cafe a “life style”? How can we engage in small diverse groups and mix them?

3. How do we create a culture where we build prototypes, then, throw every thing away and reuse only what we learned.

2. How do we design a structure where your failing and what you learned from it is rewarded?
Rewards for failures – how do we build systems that reward the sharing of failure? It is just not the failure but the process that led to failure. A major failure may be made up of hundreds of successes.

1. Why is scale important?


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