The iPhone App, TipTapSpeech, just launched.  It’s based on a Doug Engelbart invention. Available at  iTunes store for $4.99.

One of the things that Doug Engelbart invented in the ’60s (along with the mouse and just about everything else about personal computing) was the “chorded keyset.”  His idea was you had the mouse in one hand and the chorded keyset in the other.  With the chorded keyset you could type any of the characters on a keyboard, using a combination of finger taps (think a “court recorder” type approach.) just launched it as an iPhone app!  It’s called TipTap Speech.  With it’s ONLY FIVE KEYS you can tap out any text with just one hand–and without looking.  And it converts to speech at the same time.

On top of all that, while Tip Tap Speech is for English text, it has already been configured for Hindi, Urdu, and Russian with more to come.  If you have any questions, contact me.

Andres Landau, my nephew, took this video of himself typing his name with TipTapSpeech with the built in camera on the laptop, while I was on the phone.

Doug Engelbart explains how it works.