Engelbart’s birthday wish about to come true

After Engelbart’s 81st birthday,

Valerie Landau and Doug Engelbart
Doug and I at his 81st birthday celebration at Stanford

I asked Engelbart which one of his ideas he wanted to see implemented in the near future. He said he would like the notion of chorded texting to take off. So for the past few years I’ve been working (on a volunteer basis) with some amazing people: Evan Schaffer, Rob Stephenson, Eric Matsuno to bring this to the marketplace.

TipTapLogo icon
TipTapSpeech Logo

We now have an iPhone App The Engelbartian chorded typing app: TipTapSpeech

Brief summary of the courses I taught on Applied Engelbart at California State University, Monterey Bay.

Class of Engelbart Scholars
Engelbart Scholars pose for the camera

One thought on “Engelbart’s birthday wish about to come true

  1. (Not being up to making one) I have waited long for a chordal interface on a portable computer system. Endfield’s Microwriter was only a text editor & seemed way overpriced. Apple was going to release other Newton devices but then Jobs circumscribed Sculley’s Knowledge Navigator so he could circumnavigate back to a similar product area from the other side (music players) & be “acknowledged” as the inventor. I came to the impression the totalitarian “isn’t going to be like 1984” Apple wouldn’t permit a chordal keyboard & maybe that’s why a comment says it’s not on the USA app store.

    Even if you can do it, why release an Apple product first?
    When you enhance an iPhone for the users, you also enhance it for the company that might sell more iPhones.

    To paraphrase Bruce Sterling 2 blogs back:- Why are you labouring in their orchard? The ghastliness of Google & Microsoft don’t justify propping up Apple’s tree of pretty poisoned fruit when they’re the biggest top dogfish in this particular rat race.

    (Mixed metaphors, what’s that? ;~{)> )

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