How to measure a knowledge tool

Seven questions for thought leaders and activitst?
1) Have we improved mankind’s ability to meet its challenges? (on a scale of [0..100] )
2) Do our stakeholders think we will be capable of making a difference in #1?  [0..10]
3) Are we articulating our vision clearly and effectively?  [0..10]
4) Do we have an adequate plan?  [0..10]
5) Do we have the right people in the right roles to reach the next level in #1-4?  [0..10]
6) Are we all enjoying this?  [0..10]
7) Are we improving our answers to #1-6 fast enough?  [0..10]

Questions by my hero Rob Stephenson, curator of the Tech Museum Virtual


One thought on “How to measure a knowledge tool

  1. Great questions. Love #6. Find #1 overwhelming. I have to improve at ‘mankind’ level?? Ok if I start smaller, just for today? 😉

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