It Takes 30 Years to Create an Overnight Sensation- Paul Saffo

Eugene Kim presented an impressive demonstration of the launch of HyperScope a new tool that adds real power to the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.


It provides powerful new features that will change the way you work and think about using Web-based resources.

It is all open source and I think it is going to make quite an impact on Silicon Valley. (So, if you are looking for the new new thing you can always mine the work of Dr. Douglas Engelbart who first wrote the theoretical foundation for the Information Age back in 1962 which is the paper featured in the HyperScope demo)


Eugene Kim headed a dynamite team including Dr. Jeff Rulifson, the Chair of Engelbart’s organization the Bootstrap Alliance and Dr. Engelbart’s daughter, Christina Engelbart as well as superstar developers Jonathon Cheyer and Brad Neuberg.


Several members of the orginal Augmentation Research Center that developed the legendary NLS and Augment systems where present and honored by all who attend the SRI launch party at SRI last night.


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